At VV Mineral, you will join a group of enthusiastic, energy-packed people who want to network and come together to do things outside of work. 'Vvians' is a Forum of the employees, for the employees and by the employees. Vvians is extremely active in the company and organizes activities varying in nature – from cultural and sports, to adventure, and social service. These include:

● Sports competitions in cricket, football, table tennis, Carrom, badminton, kabaddi, volleyball
● Practice sessions and participation in the best Corporate tournaments
● Special Interest Groups – biking, painting
● Social service activities, where employees make a difference to people's lives
● Cultural events/competitions/ training programmes in exciting talent related areas like laughter challenge, mad-ads, dumb-charades, singing, dancing
● Playing musical instruments, quizzes, game shows etc.,
● Regular get-togethers, movies, and other social activities
● Talent hunts and participation in intra & inter company events.